Sophie Levi
Artspace Gallery
Art Space Gallery was founded in 1986 by Michael and Oya Richardson and is recognised as one of London's foremost venues dedicated to showing and promoting serious painting.
London Arts Cafe
The London Arts Café is a forum for viewing, expressing and discovering all forms of contemporary urban art. Its aim is to highlight urban artistic developments in the capital, in the United Kingdom and all over the world. Its mission is to encourage a reflection on cities through urban art.  
Royal Oak
Pub, Dining Room and Cafe. 73 Columbia Road London E2 7RG Tel: 020 7729 2220
Space Studios
SPACE - Studio Provision, Artistic, Cultural, Educational - is the original studio organisation. Founded in 1968 by artists Bridget Riley, Peter Sedgley & Peter Townsend, they have a rich and vibrant history. They are a charitable organisation providing affordable studios in London currently serving over 500 artists. 
Thompson's Gallery
Thompson's Gallery Group specialises in Modern and Contemporary British and Scottish Art. Their Central London Gallery is in Marylebone.Their objective is to offer the work of a wide selection of Modern British painters. Artists exhibited on a regular basis include Edward Seago; Mary Fedden; Alberto Morrocco; William Scott; Terry Frost and Mary Potter.  
Morgan Penn
With a history book tucked firmly in his back pocket, clean pants and a glint in his eye, Morgan Penn has arrived! Raise your glasses to this 21st Century British artist reporting for duty! Self taught, he works tirelessly in his Chelsea studio creating canvasses that are seized upon by his growing number of devoted collectors. With a taste for hard cash and an inability to say "no" is time, as Norman Rockwell once said, to... 'Get involved'! 
StART Space Gallery
StART offer contemporary works of art of quality to discerning collectors and first time buyers.
Their portfolio comprises of talented, professional and exciting artists that are on the brink of popularity as well as those with a more established name.  
JC & Anphibius
Purveyors of "Uneasy Listening" Music. Londoner J.C. and New Yorker Anphibius (Antony Fine) met in NYC and began playing and writing together in 1999. Since then the duo has been developing a melodic but minimal sound with little more than piano and their two voices. Experiencing J.C. & Anphibius may not change your life. The only guarantee is that every song will tell a story. 
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Jenny Granger Gallery Jenny Granger Gallery. 9 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AF, 01227 271 271. A local Gallery in Whitstable exhibiting Levis seascape work currently.
Parker Harris Partnership Emma Parker and Penny Harris started the Parker Harris Partnership in 1990 to combine their experience of promoting and organising Art Events. Click here to get information about the Lynn Painter-Stainers prize and ING Discerning Eye exhibition.
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